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Oversee Your Buildings Remotely with a Reduced Workforce

ATI is excited to share our new product to assist you in dealing with managing and overseeing your mechanical systems and services. Our team can help you manage your facilities’ mechanical equipment to operate at optimum levels.

With our new Building Optics platform, you will have real time oversight of your facilities equipment – even when practicing social distancing. You will operate more efficiently knowing all required maintenance, repair and testing services are being performed as per equipment specifications.

Our Building Optics platform will:

  • Increase Equipment Efficiency
  • Increase Technician Efficiency
  • Ensure Code Compliance 
  • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • Reduce Operational Liability
  • Reduce Operational Downtime

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What the App Does

The cloud-based mobile app improves performance and guides technicians through the service with step-by-step instructions. This helps to ensure they complete all of the necessary functions as described in your contract. You'll receive real-time updates as each item on the checklist is completed.

And once all of the items in the testing, inspection, repair, or maintenance have been completed, a standardized report will be automatically emailed to you. End to end, Building Optics saves you time, money, increases productivity, reduces liability, increases safety, and more. 

Backed by decades of industry knowledge and expertise, this ecosystem of technology provides facility managers with real-time oversight to create real advantages. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key features and benefits of Building Optics.

QR Codes Deliver Business Intelligence

Each piece of equipment in your building has its own identity and individuality thanks to the QR Code system. Whether it's used to identify a single piece of equipment or an individual part, these data tags connect service providers and facility managers in real-time to create standard procedures. 

Because the technician must scan the QR Code to initiate the service in the mobile app, you'll know when the service begins and can rest easier knowing the technician has actually performed the work as instructed. In addition, the QR Code collects a variety of data and information associated with the individual part or machine. 

With our QR data tags, you can quickly compare maintenance records across different pieces of equipment within your facility as well as compare vendors to each other. You can use this exceptional business intelligence to mine data and make more insightful business decisions. 


With Building Optics' innovative GPS feature, you don't have to take anyone's word for where they say they are. You'll know exactly where the technician is when they scan the QR code because the mobile app takes a GPS snapshot and relays it to you. This way you can effortlessly confirm they are at the piece of equipment they say they are.

Time Stamps

In addition to GPS snapshots, you'll receive a time stamp each time a QR Code is scanned. This allows you to compare the amount of time a technician says they spent on a job vs reality.

You'll have more than one way to confirm if a service provider is attempting to overbill you. 

Standard or Tailored Checklist

Each time your equipment is inspected, the technicians are required to scan the equipment and complete a checklist. This checklist will be used to guide the technician through the service based on the terms and conditions of your contract. At Building Optics, we offer two checklist development options:

  • We’ve created easy-to-use, turnkey, checklists based on industry standards. Because each industry can differ, we've partnered with experts across the spectrum to create comprehensive service, maintenance, repair, and inspection checklists. Our plug-and-play checklists are the fastest way to get started. 
  • On the other hand, we also allow custom solutions where you'll partner with a consultant to develop a tailored, highly-specific checklist. 

Regardless of the option you choose, the experts at Building Optics will be with you every step of the way. 

Standardized Reports

The Building Optics software generates easy-to-read reports at the completion of each service, repair, or inspection. You can say goodbye to attempting to read shoddy, makeshift reports from technicians in the field. Instead of having to fight through several different vendors' reports created on the fly, Building Optics delivers solutions in PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and other forms. You'll streamline several processes and save a substantial amount of time.

Cloud-Based App and Capabilities

All photos, videos, and data captured about your building and equipment will be securely backed up in the cloud. In addition to completely negating the need for hard, physical storage, the cloud means you can share data with whoever and whenever you decide with nothing more than a few clicks. And the cloud allows you to access your footage, files, and data from anywhere you need it.


Applied Technologies will provide support and training for all technicians who use the mobile app.

We offer a library of materials and will continue to offer the support your service providers need.

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