Heating and Ventilation Solutions for Hotels & Lodging Facilities

Heating and Ventilation Solutions for Hotels & Lodging Facilities

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At Applied Technologies of New York, we are the hot water and heating experts for hotel and lodging facilities. We specialize in providing expert assistance to hotels, bed & breakfasts, lodging facilities, resorts, and several other types of lodging facilities.

Since 1995, we have been helping hoteliers and hospitality facilities of all sizes optimize efficiency and create the best possible experience for their guests. Whether you're constructing a new hotel or looking to upgrade your current equipment, Applied Technologies of New York will guide you through the entire process.

Commercial Boilers for Hotels & Lodging Facilities

Throughout the United States, the most popular way to provide hot water and heating is through the use of a commercial boiler. Commercial boilers offer a substantial level of versatility and can operate on oil, liquid petroleum gas, as well as natural gas.

It's exceptionally common for medium-to-large hotels as well as resorts to use more than one boiler in a cascade format or multiple format. This intuitive system design allows the quickly changing demands of the facility to quickly be met. Most importantly, it's capable of providing a standby facility.

In addition to providing heat for the facility, boilers are an excellent source for hot water. This can be achieved through the use of an indirect hot water storage tank or calorifier. A calorifier is a device that heats the water by circulating it over the coils. During periods where the demand for hot water is high, the facility can use a direct separate water heater system, while the boilers are solely tasked with providing heat.

At Applied Technologies of New York, we offer both conventional and condensing boilers. We will conduct an analysis of your facility to gain a full understanding of the its heating and hot water needs. Our goal is to allow you to spend less time worrying with your heating and hot water equipment and more time perfecting the details of your hotel or resort.

Scalable Hot Water & Heating Solutions for Hotels & Lodging Facilities

Whether you're operating a small 25-room facility or a resort large enough to be featured on the Vegas Strip, Applied Technologies of New York can help. In the process of choosing the optimum boiler or water heater solution for your facility, it's important to consider the needs of the facility as well as the layout.

At ATI of New York, we have an immense level of understanding of the needs and requirements of businesses within the hospitality industry. We couple our industry knowledge with our on-site or in-person observations to deliver fully scalable heating and hot water solutions.

We've strategically partner with the leading boiler room equipment manufacturers in the world to gain access to a broad range of equipment. Our factory-trained sales engineers and technicians will help you choose the most suitable product and installation for facility regardless of scope or size.

Improve the Customer Experience with ATI of New York

Hotels and lodging are required to deliver the best possible experience to ensure guests keep coming back. Failure to do so could result in low booking rates and tumbling profits. While room decorations and cutting-edge amenities may help, it's imperative for lodging & hotel facilities to cover the basics with sufficient heating and water heating.

Finding the best condensing boiler or conventional boiler for your facility is a relatively large undertaking. With the right choice, you can minimize operating costs, reduce emissions, and provide your guests with the best possible experience.

The experienced technicians and engineers at ATI of New York will work closely with your contractors, engineers, and property managers to gain an intuitive level of understanding of your needs. Then, we will suggest equipment to meet your needs in every possible capacity, so you can ensure you guests are treated to world-class hot water and heating.

Contact Hotel & Lodging Heating Experts at Applied Technologies of New York

Whether you're looking for equipment for a new construction project or trying to determine whether you should replace existing equipment, the hotel and lodging heating experts at Applied Technologies of New York can help. Our factory-trained technicians and sales engineers will ensure you understand all of your options and guide you toward the most financially sound and intelligible decision.

We always take a wholistically unbiased and strategic approach toward delivering the best possible water heating and heating solutions. While every hotel and lodging facility's needs may vary, our goals are always the same:

  • Provide our customers with world-class service and best-in-class products
  • Bolster the operational efficiency of the facility.
  • Increase cost savings, while reducing operation costs and maintenance costs.
  • Minimize NOx emissions

Contact Applied Technologies of New York today for a consultation.