Heating and Ventilation Solutions for Educational Facilities


Each year, universities and school districts spend billions of dollars on energy bills, especially heating initiatives.These institutions require heating solutions that provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment. In many instances, educational facilities find themselves at the crossroad of deciding whether to continue with maintenance or to upgrade their boiler.

While continuing to maintain the existing heating solution may be an option, a growing number of schools are choosing more energy-efficient systems from Applied Technologies of New York. Our newer systems are designed to reduce energy consumption, minimize operating costs, deliver lower emissions because of innovative advancements, and create a more conducive learning environment for students.

As a full service firm, ATI offers more than two decades of experience delivering viable, sustainable, and low maintenance. We are the preferred manufacturer representative for some of the leading boiler manufacturers in the world. Our sales engineers and factory trained technicians will provide expert guidance and assistance through the entire project - from conception to completion.

Expert Assistance with Commercial Boilers for Education

Like any component of your building, your boiler has a finite service life. Even when you ensure the utmost level of maintenance, your boiler will eventually require replacement. If you feel as if your school is at this crossroad, the sales engineers at ATI will provide an intuitive analysis of your needs to help you make the most economical decision. Some of the most common factors we consider are: age, history, efficiency, and configuration.


As your boiler ages, the maintenance costs will increase. Unless something significantly goes awry, replacement costs will typically always exceed repair costs in the short-run. Even so, our experts will help you understand the trend of maintenance costs, which has historically increased. We will also examine the difficulty in obtaining replacement parts.


In the process of providing expert assistance, we understand the countless factors that can contribute to the life of your system. Identical boilers operating in similar facilities can have wildly different histories of operations. There can be differences in operation practices, set-up, as well as maintenance. Our sales engineers and factory trained technicians will review all of these factors to determine if replacement or repair is the best long-term solution for your school.


One of the top reasons educational facilities determine to upgrade their boiler is because of the efficiency factory. Many of our new-generation boilers offer staggering increases in annual operational efficiency compared to boilers that are a mere 20 years old. We will carefully provide analysis considering your annual savings before we make our expert suggestion.


Many of the older systems featured central boilers, which only include one or maybe two large boilers. This type of installation typically made it necessary to cycle one boiler to match part-load conditions of operations.

At Applied Technologies of New York, we offer cutting-edge centralized systems that use several modular, smaller boilers. Our units allow operators to better match system capacity to the needs of your facility, which bolsters efficiency. Many educational facilities around the New York and New Jersey area experience a significant cost benefit for replacing old modular boilers.

Why Choose ATI for Boilers at Your Educational Facility?

Regardless of the size of your educational facility or scope of project, our sales engineers and technicians will carefully review your budget and needs to guide you to the most suitable product. We offer an expansive list of boiler room and combustion related products from the leading manufacturers in the world. At Applied Technologies of New York, you can expect:

  • A vast range of heating solutions that can be administered across all educational buildings and facilities, including pools, showers, and kitchens.
  • Simple and intuitive integration for security, safety, and communications solutions.
  • Effective initiatives to simplify energy consumption monitoring.
  • Expert preparedness with an expansive instock supply of boilers, burners, and equipment.
  • Systems that allow efficient monitoring and detection of fires, emergencies, and threats.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines to ensure the work is carried out when it's most convenient for your school. Our goal is to minimize disruptions and optimize efficiency.

Most importantly, ATI delivers customized heating solutions that provides the precise heating energy and hot water you need, while remaining eco-friendly and energy efficient.

At ATI, we effectively demonstrate payback to schools with efficiency gains, low maintenance requirements, and decreased system electrical consumption. We take a holistic view of your facility's boiler needs and use to create a unique design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. All of our work is backed by more than 20 years of expertise and delivering world-class customer service. We promise to always place your needs first and render a solution that continues to offer returns decades later.

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