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Boilers are a vital part of hospitals and medical facilities. In addition to providing heat for the entire building, the steam produced from the boiler is used to sterilize medical equipment and for hot water heating. Boilers are so vital that the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) requires all accredited hospitals to maintain a 100% backup capability for steam generation.

As combustion experts, the sales engineers and factory trained technicians of Applied Technologies of New York offer more than two decades of experience. We will provide expert assistance and guidance from conception through completion. Our team of professionals will strategically work to deliver cost-effective, long lasting combustion solutions for medical centers and hospitals.

We possess an in depth understanding of the healthcare industry and have consistently delivered solutions for healthcare facilities throughout the Five Boroughs in New York, Nassau and Suffolk County, Lower Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey, and throughout the United States. Through this execution, we've gained volumes of experience and use it to create unique solutions based on the needs of your facility.

Why Upgrade or Replace a Hospital Boiler?

Hospital facility managers must continually examine operations to find ways to conserve natural resources and reduce energy costs - without sacrificing patient quality of care. At ATI, we represent the leading boiler manufacturers in the world and will help you choose a system that is reliable and durable for years to come. A few of key benefits of upgrading your boiler include:

  • Easier Zoning - Our boilers use a unique system of pipes to disperse steam or hot water that heats the space. We'll work closely with you to establish zones, so you can fully customize the overall comfort of the facility.
  • Money-Saving Efficiency - Today's boilers boast an average efficiency rating well over 80%, while more efficient condensing boilers have ratings over 90%.
  • Quiet Operation- With a new boiler, the only sound produced is from the boiler heating the water.
  • Fuel Options - Our cutting-edge boilers can be fueled by propane, gas, oil, electricity, or solid fuels, such as wood or pellets.
  • More Comfortable Heating - Instead of having dry, hot air, the heat from boilers is generated from the surface to produce gentle heat.
  • Outlet Choices - The heat produced from boilers is able to channeled throughout the medical facility by radiant floor heating, baseboard heating, or radiators. You can also create a unique combination of outlets.
  • More Balanced Moisture Control - While forced air systems typically create dry atmospheres, the radiant heat of boilers allows moisture levels to remain more stable. This is better for noses, eyes, and skin.
  • Better Option for Allergies - As forced air systems continually circulate air, it also kicks up dirt, dust, and other allergens, which can irritate indoor allergies.

ATI Performs Detailed Evaluation

Our team of experienced professionals will help you choose the most effective boiler. One of the most prominent ways we achieve this goal is by conducting a detailed analysis of your hot water and steam needs before suggesting a replacement or new boiler. In almost all cases, this analysis includes an evaluation of your volume and steam needs as well as a daily, weekly, and yearly cycle of boiler loads.

We also make sure to pay special attention to your steam quality characteristics, which explains the volume of water droplets present in steam. While 99% saturated steam would only contain 1% water droplets; saturated, drier steam should have no water droplets. This is important because steam with a higher amount of droplets will have reduced heat transfer capability and significantly lower heat content, which could result in lower efficiencies.

On the other hand, wet steam can have a dramatic effect on the distribution of steam, including controls, valves, etc. If these water droplets are not effectively removed, it can result in the premature replacement of these parts.

Our factory trained technicians and engineers understand these various nuances and will work to ensure your system is operating at optimum efficiency. We will also work to deliver a functioning system that requires as little maintenance as possible - because maintenance typically means downtime.

Why Choose ATI for Medical and Healthcare Heating Solutions?

We are the preferred provider for the leading boiler manufacturers in the world. With each unit we've installed, our technicians have gained an in depth level of understanding. Some of the key reasons healthcare providers in New York choose ATI are:

  • Unparalleled Value: ATI provides you with everything you need and nothing you don't.
  • Uniquely Designed Systems: We do not sell cookie-cutter solutions. We get to know your hospital or healthcare facility and customize a package based solely on your needs.
  • Reliable Heating Solutions: We represent the leading manufacturers in the world.
  • World-Class Customer Service: Everyone within our organization is trained and equipped with the technical expertise to exceed your expectations.

Contact ATI Today for Expert Hospital Boiler Solutions

In today's society, hospitals and the healthcare facilities are a staple. The industry revolves around supporting, teaching, and aiding people during their most troublesome periods. In order for healthcare facilities to effectively achieve this goal boilers are necessary.

As the world moves toward more energy efficiency, Applied Technologies of New York has the equipment and knowledge to help usher your facility into the new era. Since upgrading or installing new boilers is a relatively big undertaking, we will guide you through the entire process from conception to completion. Our goal is to help your facility operate more efficiently, lower boiler emissions, and improve your ability to continue to save lives.

Contact ATI today for expert hospital boiler solutions.

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