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Boiler / Burner Auxiliary

Heavy-duty boilers and burners are often needed to perform a wide range of commercial/industrial applications, but without quality auxiliary equipment, these powerful units cannot perform at optimal levels.

ATI of New York can connect you with the toughest-built, most energy-efficient, and most environmentally friendly boiler/burner auxiliary equipment on the market today.

ATI can also assist you in selecting the manufacturer and specific equipment that will best work with your existing boiler/burner or with a new unit you are planning to purchase.

Mk7 MM Evolution


Autoflame is a world leader in the engineering/manufacture of boiler and burner management systems for commercial use. Their systems succeed at reducing oil/gas consumption and harmful emissions, while also minimizing labor costs. And their rugged, steel construction and touchscreen interfaces add yet additional value.

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Stainless Steel Condensate Units Simplex Duplex Design


Fabtek is a top North American manufacturer of condensate return units, boiler feed systems, custom-built tanks, and all accompanying pumps/accessories. They primarily serve industrial/commercial clients, with a special focus on laundry/dry cleaning applications. Fabtek products are made of weather-resistant materials and designed to maximize efficiency in the return of steam condensate to boiler rooms.

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Honeywell ControLinks Fuel Air Control System


Honeywell manufactures a large product line focused on control mechanisms for all manner of commercial HVAC applications. These controls include various sensors, switches, and gauges, as well as advanced software programs.

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Siemens LMV3 Linkageless Burner Management System

Super Radiator Coils

Since 1928, Super Radiator Coils has been a leader in the commercial/industrial HVAC industry. While their product line is extremely broad, they are considered by many to be the "industry specialists" in heat transfer/waste reduction through stack economizers designed for use on packaged steam/hot water boilers.

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Sierra Monitor Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller

Security Chimneys International

Security Chimneys International (SCI) specializes in the design/manufacture of high-efficiency chimney systems that are optimally safe and built to last for decades. SCI chimneys are primarily targeted at manufacturing, educational, institutional, and other non-residential customers.

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Super Radiator Coils Stack Economizers


Siemens manufactures numerous boiler/burner auxiliary equipment, such as linkageless, electric burner management systems, combustion control gas valves, control motors, flame safeguards, and temperature/leak test controls. Their equipment is rigorously built, modularly designed for easy shipping/installation, and eminently safe and efficient to operate.

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Security Chimneys CIXCAX Secure Stack

Sierra Monitor Corporation

Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC) manufactures a full line of gas detectors that can quickly alert you to the presence of gas, a gas leak, or an open flame in the cover area. SMC systems range from single fixed-point to building-wide multi-point detection and are can detect dozens of different hazardous and/or toxic gases.

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