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Marlo, Inc.

Applied Technologies of New York is an authorized manufacturer's representative for Marlo Incorporated. We offer the full lineup of high-quality Marlo equipment, including media filtration equipment, water softeners, deionization systems, and much more.

These solutions are designed to meet a wide range of commercial and industrial water applications. Whether you need standard catalog equipment or custom engineered equipment, the sales engineers and factory-trained technicians at ATI of New York will work closely with you to to deliver the most viable water treatment solution.

Commercial & Industrial Media Filtration

Marlo's commercial and industrial media filtration devices are engineered from the highest quality of materials to provide long term solutions. This equipment is designed to cover an impressive number of commercial applications, including iron removal, turbidity reduction, and chlorine removal.

Media Filtration Equipment

With a full lineup of devices and component options, Marlo prides itself in providing customizable options to fit your exact specifications. Marlo's commercial and industrial media filtration equipment includes:

Marlo Inc MFG Series Media Filter Systems

MFG Series

MFG Series includes Multi-Media (MID), Natural Zeolite (MZA), Iron Removal (MGA), and Carbon (ACA) Filters.

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Marlo Inc MFGE Series Media Filter Systems

MFGE Series

MFGE Series includes Natural Zeolite and Carbon (ACE) Filters.

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Marlo Inc MFS Series Media Filter Systems

MFS Series

MFS Series includes MID, MZA, MGA, and ACA Filters.

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Commercial & Industrial Water Softeners

Marlo's commercial and industrial water softener systems offer facilities an efficient and robust way to reduce soap usage, mineral scale, and energy consumption across plumbing and other equipment that utilizes water. These water softeners are designed with an extra-durable, corrosion-resistant, fiberglass reinforced, polyethylene tank design and a reliable top mounted valve to ensure several years of service.

Water Softener Equipment

Industrial Water Softening System

In May 2017, Marlo Inc. completed the fabrication of a Triplex Industrial Water Softener Skid for a medical device manufacturing company. It is a “Progressive Flow” system with additional vessels automatically placed into service as the water demand increases.

The primary use for the softened water will be boiler feed operations with a design peak flow rate of 300-GPM. Marlo's engineering team was able to meet a special customer request for a system that uses corrosion resistant FRP pressure vessels but still wanted the extra durability of stainless steel piping and skid.

Marlo Inc Industrial Water Softener System
  • Fully Skid Mounted, Pre-Piped, Pre-Wired & Factory Tested System
  • Composite FRP Pressure Vessels with Tri-Pod Base (48” Diameter)
  • Welded, 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Pipework (Schedule 10)
  • Structural, 304 Stainless Steel Skid/Frame Assembly
  • Pneumatic Actuated, Butterfly Type Control Valves
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC with 7” Touchscreen Display
  • Ethernet Communication to Building Management System (BMS)
  • Badger Magnetic-Type Flowmeters
  • Direct Brine Feed from Existing Bulk Brinemaker Silo & Pump

Laboratory Water Systems

Marlo's Laboratory Water Systems are manufactured to act as the central, purified water source for a medical, academic, and other types of research facilities. These systems are designed to exceed or meet Type I, Type II, or Type III reagent-grade water platform standards set forth by ASTM or CAP/NCCLS.

Standard systems are furnished with all the treatment equipment fully pre-wired, pre-piped, and factory tested placed on a common skid package to reduce start-up costs and field installation. The standard system is the LWS' Series High Purity Lab Water Skid, which includes the following equipment:

  • Reverse Osmosis Machine
  • Pre-Treatment ( carbon/ inlet filter / softener)
  • Stainless steel distribution pumps
  • Reverse Osmosis water storage tanks
  • Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer
  • DI exchange polishers
  • Final sub-micron filter
  • Central control panel with purity monitoring

Industrial and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Marlo's industrial and commercial reverse osmosis systems are engineered to produce high purity water through the removal of bacteria, particles, dissolved minerals, and organic impurities. These units combine high quality components with an energy saving design to deliver an economical and reliable supply of high purity water.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Marlo's reverse osmosis systems are the perfect solution for a vast range of applications including boiler feed, greenhouses, process makeup water, research and medical labs, and more. The lineup includes:

Marlo Inc MRO-2.5 Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

MRO-2.5 Series

MRO-2.5 Series are light commercial grade reverse osmosis units.

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Marlo Inc MRO-4-LP Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Systems

MRO-4-LP Series

MRO-4-LP Series are low pressure commercial grade reverse osmosis units.

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Marlo Inc MRO-4V and MRO-4H Reverse Osmosis Systems

MRO-4V & MRO-4H Series

MRO-4V Series and the MRO-4H Series are available with product water capacities that range from 2.5 - 6 GPM and 7.5 - 20 GPM, respectively. Contact Applied Technologies of New York for larger flow requirements.

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Marlo Inc MRO-8H Reverse Osmosis Systems

MRO-8 Reverse Osmosis Systems

MRO-8 Reverse Osmosis Systems are available with water outputs from 25-300 GPM.

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Industrial and Commercial Deionization

Marlo offers a full lineup of rugged, high quality, industrial and commercial deionizers. All systems are factory skid mounted, pre-wired, pre-piped, and pretested to minimize installation costs and time. In the event continuous DI water demand is required, Marlo deionization systems offer duplex alternating systems.

Deionization Systems

Marlo Inc MSB-F Series Deionization Systems

MSB-F Series

MSB-F Series Automatic Separate Bed Deionizer Systems are available for product flow rates of 5-250 GPM.

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Marlo Inc MSB Series Deionization Systems

MSB Series

MSB Series Deionization Systems are available in standard designs for products with flow rates of 5-600 GPM.

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Marlo Inc MMB Series Deionization Systems

MMB Series

MMB Series Deionization Systems are ideal for situations when only trace amounts of dissolved solids are allowed. Standard designs are offered for product flow rates of 5-350 GPM.

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Marlo Inc Electro-Deionization (EDI) Skids


Electro-Deionization (EDI) Skids are the state-of-the-art way to achieve ultrapure water. This cutting-edge equipment results in a major advantage over the operation of traditional, regenerable Service Exchange DI systems and Mixed-Bed Deionization Systems.

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Specialty Equipment and Components

In addition to the previously mentioned water treatment equipment, Marlo Incorporated offers a long list of specialty equipment and components, including:

Marlo Inc Membrane Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Membrane Clean-in-Place Systems

Membrane Clean-in-Place Systems are designed for on-site cleaning of Reverse Osmosis as well as other types of membrane water treatment solutions.

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Marlo Inc MBM Series Bulk Brinemaker Silos

Bulk Brinemaker Systems

Bulk Brinemaker Systems are the optimum complement for commercial water softening systems that need large volumes of daily salt consumption for the regeneration process.

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Marlo Inc MPS Series Transfer Pump Skids

Transfer Pump Systems

Transfer Pump Systems are designed to complement other water treatment equipment for a more seamless and integrated design.

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Marlo Inc MATD Series Dealkalizer Systems

MATD Series Dealkalizer Systems

MATD Series Dealkalizer Systems reduces the alkalinity of incoming feed water, which results in lower condensate return corrosion, lower blowdown rates, and a much more effective treatment solution for boiler systems.

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Marlo Inc MDAS Series Dealkalizer Systems

MDAS Series Dealkalizer Systems

MDAS Series Dealkalizer Systems delivers an efficient solution for reducing alkalinity of larger industrial and commercial applications.

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Marlo Inc MCP Series Condensate Polisher Systems

MCP-Condensate Polisher System

MCP-Condensate Polisher System effectively removes impurities such as hardness from steam condensate, copper, and iron. The removal results in lower operating costs and improved boiler feedwater quality.

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Marlo Inc MX-III Electronic Controller

MX-III Water Conditioning Controller

MX-III Water Conditioning Controller maximizes performance for industrial and commercial water softeners, dealkalizer systems, and backwashable media filters while simplifying installation.

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As an authorized manufacturer's representative for Marlo Incorporated, ATI of New York offers the full line of cutting-edge Marlo industrial and commercial water treatment equipment. We provide solutions for many facilities throughout the United States and across several sectors, including:

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