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In 2013, the USFA (U.S. Fire Administration) reports there were 1.2 million hazardous fires in the United States, an eighth of which were caused by heating equipment, including chimneys. For this reason, most local building codes require metal chimney liners to be installed in all masonry chimneys and tight-fitting, leak-proof flues to be used on all gas, oil, and wood-burning boilers/stoves. Such chimney systems also offer protection from harmful gases, extend the life of masonry, and (when precisely sized) enable optimal performance.

About Security Chimneys International

Security Chimneys International (SCI) has over 50 years of experience at innovating durable, safe, and highly efficient stainless steel/aluminum chimney systems and is one of the most reputable chimney supply companies in North America.

SCI industrial-strength chimneys are sturdily built, precisely fitted, highly corrosion resistant, optimally efficient, and specifically designed for the Categories I through IV boilers/heaters commonly used in schools, hospitals, and factories.

Top-selling SCI Products

Security Chimneys International manufactures a wide range of quality products, but we will highlight just 5 of their most commonly sold items below:

Security Chimneys CIXCAX Secure Stack

CIX Secure Stack Positive Pressure Chimney

This versatile stainless steel chimney is double-lined with a 304/316-gauge inner liner, a patented self-centering flue, and a single-locking coupling. The CIX is a great commercial chimney and can even be used for grease duct and diesel exhaust applications.

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Security Chimneys CT Liner and Breeching System

CT Liner and Breeching System

The CT is a tough, single-walled vent pipe that works with most fuel types. It has three-inch overlap and ridged, plasma-welded seams for an air-tight seal.

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Security Chimneys SS SSD and SSID Secure Seal Gas Vent

SS, SSD, and SSID Secure Seal Gas Vent

These systems are engineered to guarantee a perfect fit, are laser-welded at the seams, and are "super-ferritic" (highly corrosion resistant).

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Security Chimneys CI Double-walled Multi-fuel system

CI Double-walled, Multi-fuel system

The CI chimney has a two-inch-thick layer of mineral-fiber insulation between its two stainless steel walls. The inner wall is loose so it can expand/contract with temperature changes, while the outer wall is rigid for strength.

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Security Chimneys Secure Temp ASHT All-fuel Chimney

Secure Temp™ ASHT+ All-fuel Chimney

The Secure Temp is the "ultimate" stainless steel chimney solution and ranks among the most popular venting products in the U.S. and Canada. Its unique Secure Plus insulating material and Twist-lock assembly set it apart from its competitors.

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ATI staff have extensive expertise with SCI products and can assist you in the selection process.

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