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Sierra Monitor Corporation Gas Detectors

About Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC)

SMC offers a full range of high-quality gas detectors, manufacturing everything from single, fixed-point to system-wide, multi-point and customizing each gas detection system to each specific application as needed.

Sierra Monitor's gas detectors detect literally dozens of toxic/dangerous gases, alert you to oxygen deficiency, and are equipped with numerous advanced technologies, such as protocol converters and remote management systems, that make them exceptionally easy to use.

Nine of the most popular SMC gas detectors and related products are listed below:

Sierra Monitor Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller

Sentry IT Fire & Gas System

Sentry IT offers best-in-class performance for fire and gas detection with integrated IT sensors, a modern, comprehensive controller, and compatibility with numerous interfaces (both new and legacy).

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Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Gas and Fire Products

Smart Gas Detectors (IT Series)

These gas detectors are highly flexible since they have 4-20 mA, Sentry and Modbus output capability, and their displays, diagnostics, and all else is fully up-to-date.

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Sierra Monitor Sentry IT Gas and Fire Products

Specialty 4-20 mA Analog Gas Sensors

These are essentially equivalent to the IT Series but tailored to a variety of specific gases.

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Sierra Monitor Electrochemical 2-Wire Toxic Gas Sensor Module 4501-XX

Two-Wire Gas Sensors

These are loop-powered gas detectors that are fast and easy to install and yet full of upscale features, like continuous self-diagnostics, a 16-character display, and an industry leading calibration length.

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Sierra Monitor Gas Monitors

Gas Monitors

This is SMC's "basic" line of gas alarms/monitors, simple audio/visual alarms that reliably detect gas presence over a predetermined level.

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Sierra Monitor Open Path Combustible Gas Detector Quasar 900

Open Path Gas Detection

The SMC Open Path covers expansive areas, operates in real time, is ruggedly built for harsh environments, and has very low incidence of false alarms.

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Sierra Monitor Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor Module 5100-28-IT

Gas Detector Calibrators/Accessories

SMC calibration/sensor accessories fine-tune and enhance the performance of your gas detection system.

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Sierra Monitor Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors

These devices alert you to fire/flames in the earliest stages with a multi-spectrum UV and/or Infrared sensor. They are custom-fit to various industrial applications and almost never have a false alarm.

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Sierra Monitor Customized Systems

Customized Systems

SMC routinely customizes special gas detection systems for a wide range of applications and for commercial, industrial, and military clients.

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ATI can connect you with the best gas detection products on the market today and assist you step-by-step through the selection process.

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