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Hurst FireBox Boilers

Firebox boilers operate on the same principle as the firebox of a steam locomotive, generating heat in a combustion chamber that is harnessed to boil water into steam, which is then converted into usable energy. Firebox boilers, however, get their name from their most typical shape, which is rather "boxlike." In industrial/commercial applications

Hurst Boiler & Welding company has been manufacturing steam and hot water boilers of nearly every variety and that run on nearly every fuel type for 50 years and is a well established name in the firebox boiler industry. We at ATI of New York have made it our mission to connect our clients in the commercial HVAC industry with the most powerful and fuel-efficient modern equipment on the market, and Hurst is a key player in the fulfillment of that goal.

Hurst's Line of Firebox Boilers

Hurst's line of firebox boilers are constructed out of super-thick steel, based on a unified refractory floor, equipped with steel skids and lifting eyes, and highly flexible on fuel-type due to their three-pass design. They are also highly fuel-efficient, competitively priced, ASME-certified, and and registered with the National Board of Boiler Inspectors.

Hurst Series 45 Boilers

Series 45 / Three-Pass Firebox Packaged Boiler

Series 45 boilers offer a tough-built, fully packaged, three-pass design and the flexibility of fuel-efficient operation on gas, heavy or light oil, or a gas-oil combination. The burner system is also highly fuel-flexible. High-density, mineral-wool insulation minimizes heat loss, and low-NOx configurations are available. Installation is maximally simple; nothing more than the proper service connectors is needed.

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Hurst Series 100 Boilers

Series 100 / Three-Pass Firebox Packaged Boiler

Series 100 is, like Series 45, a three-pass, fully packaged firebox boiler built out of the thickest boiler steel in the industry. Its fuel-efficiency and flexibility also match that of Series 45, and low-NOx configurations are available. The 100, however, can function as a steam or water boiler and comes with deluxe "trim" for each function. Steam/water trim each offer low water cut-off, ASME safety valve, operating/upper limit pressure controls, and other helpful gauges/management tools.

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Hurst VHF Series

VHF Series / Vertical Hand-Fired Boilers

The VHF Series is a hybrid boiler that is designed to run on high-density fuel types such as wood pellets, though it can also run on coal and other high-BTU fuel options. It is highly compact, can usually be installed on the same floor-space as other boilers, and is fully compatible with most existing commercial applications.

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