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Hurst Scotch Marine Boilers

Scotch marine boilers are a specific steam boiler design most traditionally used on ocean-going vessels but no means limited to them in modern commercial/industrial applications. They are large, cylindrical-shaped firetube boilers with abundant tubing that optimizes efficiency.

Hurst Boiler & Welding Company has distinguished themselves in the steam/hot water boiler manufacturing industry for the last five decades, and their Scotch marine boilers are second-to-none in quality workmanship, fuel-efficiency, and durability.

Hurst's Line of Scotch Marine Boilers (SMB)

ATI is proud to connect you with the Hurst Scotch marine boiler product that best fits your needs and will be happy to assist you in the boiler-selection process. Hurst's line of Scotch marine boilers come in two, three, and four pass models and wetback, dryback, steam, and hot water versions. They can take gas, natural gas, propane, diesel oil, or heavy oil as fuel, and they can achieve up to 81% fuel-efficiency.

Hurst Series 200 Boilers

Series 200 / Two-pass Dryback SMB

The 200's two-pass design eliminates inefficient refractory baffles on flue passes, and its ability to burn #5/#6 oil at full combustion and low heat-release adds versatility.

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Hurst Series 250 Boilers

Series 250 / Two-pass Semi-wetback SMB

Equivalent to the 200 but semi-wetback and with fuel efficiency ratings equal to may manufacturers' three/four pass boilers.

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Hurst Series 300 Boilers

Series 300 / Three-pass Dryback SMB

The 300 is up to 81% fuel-efficient, is very low-maintenance, has hinged, davited rear doors, and features a rear smoke box with a slip-on stack connector.

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Hurst Series 400 Boilers

Series 400 / Three-pass Wetback SMB

The 400 achieves in a three-pass system better fuel efficiency than most four-passes, works well across a wide range of applications, and can be easily serviced by a single technician.

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Hurst Series 500 Boilers

Series 500 / Four-pass SMB

The 500 is a high-efficiency, low-stack, four-pass steam/hot water boiler with optional low-NOx emissions. It is modular, skid-mounted, and needs no refractory rear doors due to its wetback design.

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Hurst LPW Series Boilers

LPW Series / Three-pass Hot Water Boiler

The LPW has a modified, "through-the-door," minimal-floor-space design, a large furnace volume to maximize efficiency, and is highly durable due to its use of the thickest-grade shell metal in its class.

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Hurst LPE Series Boilers

LPE Series / Three-pass Modified SMB

The LPE is modified to fit easily through standard 36x80-inch doorways. It is a three-pass, steam/water, low-pressure SMB with the same shell-thickness and furnace volume of the LPW.

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Hurst Ohio Special Boilers

Ohio Special / Three-pass Wetback SMB

The Ohio Special has a "specially" large furnace that enables low heat-release. It also has many other top Hurst features, like full factory packaging, easy installation, flexible burner fueling, and high-density insulation.

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Hurst Euro Series Boilers

Euro Series / Three-pass Wetback Firetube Boiler

The Euro Series steam/hot water boiler comes in eight models, ranging from 100 to 2000 BHP, has steam pressures of 15 to 300 PSI, and can function as a hot water Section-I or Section-IV. It is three-pass and features stress-relieving, wetback construction.

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