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Hurst Vertical Boilers

Horizontal (lay-down) boilers take up significantly more floor space than vertical (stand-up) boilers, and in situations where space is limited and precious, using otherwise-empty vertical space instead of the alternative is simply the "logistically wise" option.

Hurst Boiler & Welding Company has been designing and manufacturing some of the world's top boiler systems (both vertical and horizontal) for around half a century. Hurst boilers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and types and run on all manner of fuels, including gas, oil, biomass, solid fuels, and solid waste materials.

The Hurst Line of Vertical Boilers

Hurst makes vertical boilers of the tubed, tubeless, and hand-fired types and for a wide range of commercial/industrial purposes. All of their vertical boiler models are compact, highly fuel-efficient, durable and rugged, "shock-proof," and easy to install and inspect. Hurst also offers Skid-packaged Boiler Systems for ease of transport/installation.

Hurst 4VT Cyclone Hot Water Boilers

The 4VT Cyclone Hot Water

This vertical, tubeless hot water boiler is extremely fuel-efficient, due in part to its optimal four-pass design, is shock-proof, ruggedly constructed, compact, and offers easy "eye high" access to its burner. It runs fully automatic, has easy-to-use Solid State controls, and includes low water pressure safety drops.

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Hurst 4VT Cyclone Steam Boilers

The 4VT Cyclone Steam

The Cyclone Steam is essentially the steam-boiler equivalent of the Cyclone Hot Water, sharing its fuel-efficiency from four-pass design and many other features. The Cyclone Steam is a high-pressure boiler with exceptionally large steam storage capacity. It handles swing/spike loads well, and has a large steam release surface to minimize condensate/scaling and to achieve calmer operation.

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Hurst VIX Series Boilers

The VIX Series

The VIX Series is a fully-submerged, vertical firetube model with high-efficiency X-ID finned firetubes, and its carbon footprint is less than half that of most vertical boilers. The VIX also has a two-pass design, ultra-efficient heat transfer tubes, all-water-backed exhaust of flue gases, a spacious steam chamber, a water separator that produces dry steam, and water calming/stabilization features.

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Hurst VHF Series

The VHF Series

VHF (Vertical Hand-Fired) Boilers are hybrids that represent new advances in solid-fuel boiler technology. These units thrive on dense, solid fuels like wood pellets, but they can also be run on coal and other fuels high in BTUs. Both hand-fired and stoker configurations are available, and all units have a modular, "container-shipping friendly," design.

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