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Burner Management Systems

ATI understands that it can be just as important to have precise, high-tech management capabilities on your industrial/commercial burners as to have the burners themselves. We, therefore, have chosen to connect our clients with the Power Flame line of burner management and fuel control systems, which have proven themselves superior in the industry over many years of reliable service.

Power Flame Burner Management Systems

Power Flame offers several different "versions" of their upscale Director burner management system to fully meet all management needs across a wide array of applications:

Director Management

This is the standard model of Director, and it brings you high-quality graphics displays of numerous critical burner functions at a competitive price. Director is an eight-color display system that uses light-up, intuitive graphics that resemble the system features they represent.

Director Plus

This system includes all of the features of Director Management but adds indicators for high/low water limits, air-flow failures, pilot light failure, and more. Flashing lights/alarm bells make it easy to recognize a problem early, and lights flash in the order in which the failures occurred.

Director SCS

The Director Supervisory Control System (SCS) combines a touch-screen management display with the Siemens LMV-5 Linkage-less burner control system. The Director SCS gathers, stores, and clearly displays pertinent data to ease burner/boiler management tasks and/or transmits data to a higher-level BMS.

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Varicam Fuel Metering

Power Flame's Varicam Fuel Metering System is a characterized cam-actuated, fuel-metering device that is highly and precisely adjustable to achieve the desired fuel-air ratio across your burner's full firing range.

Varicam is specifically designed to satisfy the great sophistication in fuel-air ratio control that is needed for optimal use of modern burners.

Varicam offers a simple, easy-to-use design, sophisticated adjustments for both single/dual applications, and highly durable, hardened steel components.

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Fuel Transport Systems

Power Flame also makes a wide range of quality fuel transport systems, falling into the following categories:

Pump and Compressor Sets

For transport of fuel and compressed air.

Duplex Pump Sets

With Simplex strainers, piping cross-over, and optional remote control capability.

Triplex Pump Sets

Capable of fuel transport for individual burners or multiple burners using a single fuel source.

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Standard Direct-Drive Pump Sets

Functional on numerous light oil/gas-light oil combustion systems.

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Standard Belt-Drive Pump Sets

Usable with air-atomizing combustion systems and standard for #6 oil applications.

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Pre-piped Gas Train Packages

Custom-engineered to meet exacting coding, pressure drop, and flow requirements.

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