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Instrumentation And Control Systems

Power Flame has a long-established reputation in the burner and boiler accessory industry of producing, among other things, high-quality burner instrumentation and control systems. We at ATI, in the interests of bringing only the best products the market has to offer to our customers, can facilitate the selection/purchase of any of Power Flame's instrumentation and control devices.

Power Flame Instrumentation & Control Systems

Power Flame can custom-engineer a burner instrumentation and management system for your specific application and ensure it will fully integrate into your other burner/boiler system components. They can create for you a complete burner management system in a timely manner and at a competitive price. Power Flame will also factory fire-test the finished product to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Power Flame uses high-tech, computer assisted design allow for full flexibility in component selection and system building. From a basic outline of required operating standards, Power Flame can computer-generate a management system design that will answer the needs of your application.

Powerflame DC4 Draft Controls

Over-fire Draft Control Monitors

Power Flame's burner management devices include the Model DC-4-AS Sequence Over-fire Draft Control Monitor. This device can control both positive/negative combustion-chamber environments so as to keep combustion continually optimized for efficiency.

The standard Over-fire Draft Control Monitor uses an adjustable starting draft, an automatically opening damper-selection switch, a low draft safety cut-off with an adjustable time-delay, a controller and pressure LED read-out, and a damper actuator assembly. Options include: a stack-temp monitor with LED display and a linear damper actuator assembly.

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Powerflame Control Panel

Lead/Lag Control Systems

Power Flame makes numerous packaged burner management systems, and lead/lag controls are a key component in many of them. A lead/lag control system can be customized to a variety of burner control systems, ranging from the simple to the highly complex. Power Flame can provide a lead/lag system for a multi-pressure or multi-temperature configuration or for a single-pressure/temperature system.

Power Flame lead/lag controls can be integrated with a master burner management control panel, separately packaged and mounted on a wall or other surface, or (where space allows) can be incorporated into an integral burner-mounted control panel.

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