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Linkageless Controls

Power Flame is a major manufacturer of quality linkage-less burner control systems that help your industrial/commercial burners meet the highest attainable performance and environmental standards. ATI can facilitate the purchase of a Power Flame linkage-less control system as well as assist you in selecting the system that is optimally efficient for your specific application.

Why Use Linkage-less Burner Controls?

A linkage-less control system, especially when combined with an exhaust gas analyzer, can help you reduce energy waste and NOx and other harmful emissions. It can also ensure complete combustion, high turn-down rates, minimal excess air levels, and full "repeatability." Linkage-less controls use a microprocessor to monitor boiler target temperatures/pressures and then trigger responses to continually maintain optimal temperatures. The end-result is your burner runs safer, more efficiently, and with less harmful exhaust gas.

Mechanical burner controls, which use linkages, cams, and jack-shifts to control fuel-air ratios simply cannot maintain optimal combustion and fuel-efficiency the way that linkage-less systems do. To try to make up for inherent systemic shortcomings, mechanical systems rely on adding extra air (usually around 50% excess), but this solution actually decreases overall efficiency.

Linkage-less controls avoid the inefficiencies of mechanical controls and conveniently display key burner metrics for individual channels, checking each channel as often as 50 times a second to ensure moment-by-moment accuracy.

Power Flame Linkage-less Control Systems

Power Flame manufactures a large, diverse linkage-less burner control systems, each of which optimally meets the needs of particular commercial applications.

Power Flame linkage-less controls enable you to closely monitor/control the air-fuel ratio of your burner — and far more precisely than with "conventional" burner control systems. They drastically reduce excess oxygen levels and achieve complete combustion. This, in turn, lowers operating costs and minimizes NOx and other emission gases.

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Power Flame offers linkage-less control systems with most of its burners. The benefits of Power Flame's linkage-less systems include:

  • They use Honeywell ControLinks to keep air in parallel with fuel.
  • They have dual-fuel capability, and separate programming can be used on gas/liquid fuel types.
  • They use a separate servo to optimize the fuel-gas ratio.
  • By induction of small amounts of flue-gas, peak temperatures are kept in check, which reduces NOx emissions.
  • The high efficiency and "earth friendly" features of Power Flame linkage-less control systems are fully programmable.
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