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ATI understands the needs of commercial and industrial energy users who need to reach sufficient pressure levels to ensure their burners/boilers/water heaters are running at optimal efficiency. We, therefore, have chosen to be the "bridge" between Action Blower & Equipment (ABE) and commercial clients in need of gas boost systems and related products of the highest quality and reliability.

Action Blower & Equipment Products

Action Blower & Equipment is an industry-leading manufacturer of blower packages and other similar equipment. Their products are relied upon in the commercial HVAC industry to perform a wide range of applications, and ABE even custom-engineers products for their clients in order to provide the best possible solution for every situation.

Some of ABE's most popular product lines include:

The GT 1400

The GT 1400 gas boost system is a hermetically sealed blower that runs efficiently at a number of different speeds so that it can optimally adjust gas pressures for a wide array of burners, boilers, generators, and other industrial equipment.

GT 1400 is highly versatile, working well with natural gas, manufactured gas, ordinary air, and various non-corrosive gas-air mixtures. It uses static hermetic sealing and lacks dynamic seals, which often wear own. Thus, it is an essentially maintenance-free unit.

GT 1400 is exceptionally safe, having a non-sparking, aluminum casing; yet, since the motor is never in contact with gas, it does not require an explosion proof motor/wiring. GT 1400 has a centrifugal, single stage design.

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The Greenbooster

The Greenbooster is a complete, "turnkey" gas booster system that utilizes the GT 1400 but also includes piping, valves, control panels, and all other necessary components.

The Greenbooster system also uses a variable-frequency drive to avoid boosting pressure above what is needed at the moment, and thus, saves on energy. It qualifies for LEEDS points and often qualifies for other efficiency incentives as well.

Greenbooster technology can be configured to your exact needed specifications and is available on all ABE gas boosters.

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The PDGB (Positive Displacement Gas Boost) system uses a gas-tight, positive displacement blower and a NEMA Premium Efficient electric motor. It is another ABE turnkey, complete gas booster and incorporates Greenbooster technology.

PDGB is equipped with an explosion-proof pressure indicator and safety shut-off switch, both pressure/temperature gauges, and manual bypass valves, making it an exceptionally safe blower. Its NEMA control panel also makes it a very easy blower to manage.

PDGB readily connects to most inlet/discharge tubes and electrical sources, making it easy to install, and once installed, it requires very little maintenance.

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The RBD (Regenerative Gas Boost) system is yet another ABE turnkey solution that incorporates Greenbooster technology. Like other ABE gas boosters, it has a NEMA Premium Efficient motor that only boosts pressure as required to save energy.

RGB is easy to install and maintain, has an explosion-proof pressure indicator and a high-temp shut-off switch, and has high-tech NEMA controls. Additionally, its magnetic coupling eliminates shaft-seal wear, and thus, prevents leakage.

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Blower Packages

Action Blower & Equipment offers ​custom blower packages​ that will meet the exact needs of your application. They can engineer a solution that optimally raises gas pressure, determine the ideal type/size of blower to use, equip that blower with all necessary accessories, and configure everything in the most effective way possible.

Typical applications for custom blower packages include:

  • Gas and vapor recovery/venting/treatment
  • Wastewater treatment/tank aeration
  • Air and gas sampling/boosting/circulation
  • Pneumatic transport of powders/solids
  • Parts pick-up/hold-down/blow-down/drying

ABE blower packages often contain the following elements:

  • PD blower, motor, and control panel
  • V belt drive and OSHA-guard
  • Inlet filter and silencer
  • Discharge silencer
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges/relief valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vibration isolaters
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