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DRP Separated Combustion Unit Heater

In many commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, vapors, dust, and various contaminants cannot be continuously kept out of indoor air space, which creates some problems when indoor air is drawn into heaters and used in combustion. First, certain vapors can cause furnace corrosion when used for combustion. Second, there is a risk of both vapors and back-drafted exhaust air entering the machine and causing an explosion. Third, you are paying to heat already-heated air, which is inefficient.

Why Use Separated Combustion Heaters?

The principle of "separated combustion" eliminates all three problems mentioned above by using only outside air for combustion purposes. Outside air will be fresher and cleaner, free of the troublesome contaminants that are sometimes found indoors. This eliminates a safety hazard, extends the life of your heating unit, and greatly increases fuel efficiency.

An intake fan draws fresh air in, while another fan pushes exhaust air through a pipe and back outside. Thus, no new air is brought into the building by a separated combustion heater. Only heat is brought in. This enables 90% or more efficiency, which would not otherwise be possible.

DRP Separated Combustion Unit Heaters

Detroit Radiant Products Company (DRP) manufactures many of the most effective and efficient commercial HVAC equipment available today, including two quality series of separated combustion unit heaters:

The FA Series

DRP's FA line of hot air heaters are gas-fired, induced-draft, and use separated (or, optionally, power-vented) combustion. These heaters are extremely popular for their many beneficial features, such as:​

  • Attractive and traditional design, with black-enamel visual surface and stainless steel discharge louvers.
  • Swept-wing propeller for exceptionally quiet operation
  • "Finger-proof" fan guards for added safety
  • Easy conversion from separated combustion to power-vented if desired
  • Helpful "trouble-shooting" indicator lights
  • Built-in connection point for thermostat
  • Versatile mounting angles/options
  • Sturdy, aluminized-steel heat exchangers
  • A wide range of from 100,000 to 250,000 BTUs

The UH Series

The DRP UH Series has most of the same features as the FA Series above, but there are a few differences that set it apart:

  • A BTU range of 30,000 to 75,000
  • A sleek, more "modern," low profile design
  • Integrated mounting brackets for ease of installation
  • Individual in-shot burners

ATI staff can assist you in choosing the precise separated combustion unit heater that best fits your specific application. We market to contractors, distributors, and end users alike and can often offer clients exclusive contracts and/or deals.

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