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Weil-McLain Water Heaters and Boilers

ATI wholeheartedly recommends the boilers and water heaters manufactured by Weil-McLain, which has been making heating systems for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications since 1881. Their products are engineered for high performance, safety, and efficiency in even the harshest environments.

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Weil-McLain Boilers

Weil-McLain makes numerous boiler models that cover the full spectrum of boiler-types, including gas, oil, and dual-fuel fired options. Their boilers are known for their high ROI, system flexibility, and intense practicality.

Their most popular models include:

The 80 Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

Offers 80% efficiency, ability to run on gas and/or light oil, water/steam options, with/without burner, easy installation, and availability as either knockdown or packaged.

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The 88 Series-2 Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

Offers 85.6% efficiency, gas/oil/combo fuel, water/steam, packaged/knockdown, with/without tankless heater, LEED compliance, and easy integration into multi-boiler systems.

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The 94 Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

The 94 has a hydro-wall design with water circulation surrounding its combustion zone. It is 80% efficient, gives easy service access, is quick to assemble/install, runs on gas/oil/both, and is made of sturdy, air-tight cast iron sections.

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The EGH Commercial Gas Boiler

The EGH is a medium-capacity, cast iron boiler that is ideal for apartments and small commercial buildings. Features include combo gas valve/regulator, non-linting pilot burner, water/steam option, aluminized steel burners, and insulated steel jacket.

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LGB Commercial Gas Boiler

The LGB is the most efficient commercial cast iron atmospheric gas boiler manufactured by Weil-McLain. Its base and burners are shipped assembled, its piping is simple to install, and its short draw-rods make it easy to assemble.

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The SlimFit Commercial Condensing Boiler

The SlimFit is easy to install, highly reliable and durable, lightweight with minimal clearance requirements, very low-NOx, up to 96% efficient, and a favorite choice for retrofits.

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The Ultra Gas and Ultra Oil Boiler

The Ultra gas-fired water boiler and Ultra oil-fired water boiler both achieve exceptionally high efficiency. Both are loaded down with numerous modern features and are built out of extremely durable materials.

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The Evergreen is a modulating condensing boiler with 10:1 turndown and up to 96.5% efficiency. It has very well developed auxiliary input/output capabilities.

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Weil-McLain Water Heaters

Weil-McLain makes two high-efficiency indirect-fired water heaters: the Aqua Logic and the Aqua Plus. Both lead their respective classes in energy efficiency and offer advanced control options. The Plus simply adds even more high-end features to the already-rich standards of the Logic.​

Discover the Technology Behind the New Weil-McLain SVF Boiler

Discover the Technology Behind the New Weil-McLain SVF Boiler