A Complete Guide to RGB: Action Blower & Equipment

A Complete Guide to RGB: Action Blower & Equipment

RGB Action Blower

The Action Blower & Equipment Regenerative Gas Boost (RGB) is engineered to efficiently transport large volumes of air; while optimizing the pressure of gas supplies to levels where burners can more efficiently operate. As a complete turnkey solution, the Action Blower & Equipment RGB system is suitable for both commercial and industrial facilities where the available gas pressure doesn't meet the demands of the application. Let's take a closer look at the ABE Regenerative Gas Boost system offered at ATI of New York.

Overview of the Regenerative Gas Boost System

The RGB model is a versatile, turnkey system designed to work with a range of discharge connectors and gas inlet connectors as well as the majority of electrical input sources. Regenerative systems generate medium to low vacuum/pressure with high airflow rates. These systems are commonly used across an array of commercial and industrial applications. Regenerative systems improve efficiency by re-utilizing air molecules that have already been circulated. 

All RGB systems employ ABE's innovative greenbooster tech with a regenerative, gas-tight blower coupled magnetically to an inverter-duty NEMA Premium Efficient electric motor. The RGB utilizes a pressure indicator to detect the gas pressure being transferred. Based on this determined pressure, the variable frequency drive modifies the speed of the motor to ensure the right amount of gas is delivered for the application. 

Improve Efficiency & Reduce Carbon Footprint with ABE's Greenbooster Technology 

The ABE Regenerative Gas Boost System employs the manufacturer's innovative greenbooster technology that works to improve overall efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Greenbooster tech is highlighted by the inverter-duty NEMA Premium Efficient electric motor. 

All NEMA Premium motors are designed to reduce costs, minimize electrical consumption, and bolster the reliability of the system. Most estimates suggest NEMA Premium products can save an astounding 5,800 gigawatts of electricity. In other words, this innovative motor can prevent approximately 80 million metric tons of CO2 — over the next decade — from ever being released into the environment. This is equivalent to parking an astounding 16 million cars and keeping them off the road. 

RGB Standard Features & Equipment 

As a turnkey solution, the Regenerative Gas Boost system is proven to meet several industrial and commercial applications that need higher pressure that what's available. This plug-and-play-type gas boost system comes from the factory with everything you need to get started. The standard features and equipment include:

  • The gas-tight regenerative blower is engineered to confidently extract or compress combustible gases.
  • The speed is auto-adjusted according to readings taken by the pressure sensor, which ensures the right amount of gas is always delivered.
  • Standard RGB systems are offered in pipe sizes that span from 1.5 inches up to 2.5 inches.
  • The reliable, inverter-duty NEMA Premium Efficient electric motor is offered in several sizes, ranging from 1.5 horsepower up to 15 horsepower.
  • The RGB's motor is magnetically secured to the blower.
  • It has an easy-to-use control panel with PID controller, input circuit breaker, VFD, and hand-off-auto switch.
  • Standard RGB systems engineered for outdoor applications feature a NEMA 3R control panel.
  • Standard RGB systems engineered for indoor applications feature a NEMA 1 control panel.
  • The RGB features an explosion-proof, pressure indicator and high-temperature shutdown switch.
  • It employs a 150 pound flange inlet and discharge connections for simple installation.
  • The RGB utilizes manual blower bypass valves.
  • The system is secured by a steel base with locking blower enclosure.

The Action Blower & Equipment Regenerative Gas Boost System has received 100% approval by the Massachusetts Board of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. And in the event you need a larger gas boost system, the experts at ATI of New York will work with you and ABE to develop a custom solution. 

Why Choose the Action Blower & Equipment Regenerative Gas Boost System?

For many commercial and industrial applications, a gas boost system is the only way to reach the optimum pressure. And the Regenerative Gas Boost System by Action Blower & Equipment is a cost-effective solution.

One of the most attractive attributes of the Regenerative Gas Boost System is its maintenance-free nature. Since the only moving parts in the system are the propellers which never contact the housing, it's essentially free of wear — other than the bearings that are self-lubricating. In addition to its exceptional maintenance-free nature, it is: 

  1. Complete turnkey solution. The RGB system comes from the factory ready to go. Simply connect gas to the discharge and inlet. Then connect it to an electrical power supply. 
  2. Reduced wear and tear. The RGB system features magnetic coupling, which helps prevent the likelihood of shaft seal wear that can cause leakage. 
  3. Energy efficiency. Boasting low energy consumption, the RGB's blower only runs when it must meet the required demands.

Contact ATI of New York for the ABE Regenerative Gas Boost 

Whether you need the RGB and already have complete specifications or you're not exactly sure which system would be best, the experts at ATI of New York can help. We are the authorized manufacturer's representatives for Action Blower & Equipment. We pride ourselves as being the trusted and reliable bridge between you and the manufacturer. 

Our factory trained technicians and sales engineers will conduct an in depth analysis to best uncover your current and future needs. Then, we'll guide you to the best solution — whether it's the RGB, another gas boost system, or a custom-engineered product. In either case, we always work to provide the best, most effective solution.

Contact ATI of New York today to learn more about the ABE Regenerative Gas Boost System. 

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