Explore the Capabilities of the Fulton Vertical MultiPort (VMP) Boiler

Explore the Capabilities of the Fulton Vertical MultiPort (VMP) Boiler

The Fulton Vertical Multi-Port (VMP) is a convection heating boiler with the versatility to meet an array of steam and hot water applications. Applied Technologies of New York is proud to offer the full lineup of Fulton boilers, including the durable and rugged VMP. Continue reading to learn more about the capabilities and key features of the Vertical Multi-Port convection boiler.

Engineered for Durability

The VMP convection heating boiler is designed for heavy-duty applications. It has a compact vertical design proven to deliver exceptional value over the lifetime of the boiler. Several installations of the boiler last in excess of 25 years.

The interior of the VMP features a series of large diameter, heavy-walled, schedule 80 flue pipes that are secured to the bottom and top heads in the pressure vessel with welding. These pipes are surrounded by water, which minimizes startup time while facilitating even and consistent heating throughout the boiler.

Bolstered by a durable and rugged design, the Vertical Multi-Port boiler delivers exceptional value over the boiler's lifetime - with impressive fuel to steam efficiencies of up to 84%. The pressure vessel thickness is an impressive 30% greater than requirements from the ASME. As an added bonus, the VMP is backed by an unmatched five-year warranty.

Compact and Versatile Design

With versatility in mind, the VMP features a compact vertical design that requires significantly less floor space than other competing boilers. The compact design also works to minimize jacket losses and contributes to reduced installation costs. For critical heating processes that require redundancy in the event of a disruption of fuel, these boilers can be customized for dual-fuel operation.

While competing boilers are prone to costly tube failure and scale buildup, the VMP features a vertical tubeless design and avoids these common downsides. Simultaneously, the design of the VMP maximizes system efficiencies and delivers an extended boiler life.

How Does the VMP Design Work?

  • Combustion air inlets include an integrated preheat from hot flue gases located below.
  • The vertical combustion chambers host downward flames, which eliminate flame impingement, while facilitating low emissions and vessel longevity.
  • Overall heat transfer is maximized by the use of schedule 80 flue pipes "ribboned" turbulators.
  • Stratification is prevented and warm-up time is reduced through optimized internal circulation. The vertical design minimizes pitting, while bubbles rise away from surfaces, which delivers zero side impact.

High Quality and Efficient Steam

The VMP delivers steam quality greater than 99%, which makes the boiler optimum for food processing application, sterilization, and humidification. The units also feature advanced combustion technology with linkageless controls, which allow it to achieve turndowns up to 8:1. These low emissions are highly efficient and achieve NOx levels below 9 ppm with natural gas.

Fulton's VMP boilers are engineered to deliver 4-pass efficiency in a 2-pass compact design. By utilizing parallel positioning controls, the VMP achieves superior fuel-to-steam efficiencies up to an impressive 85%.

Ancillary Equipment

Your Fulton Vertical Multi-Port boiler is a single component of a well-designed system. In addition, the safe operation of your system requires the proper collection of condensate and delivery of feed water. By partnering with Applied Technologies and Fulton Boilers, we’ll work together to provide you with a uniquely designed package of ancillary equipment customized specifically for your project.

Auxiliary equipment is designed to control the temperature, pressure, and storage capacity of steam. The quality of the water used in your steam boiler system has a direct effect on the performance and life of the equipment.

ATI of New York offers water treatment equipment designed to provide high-quality feed water that works to minimize deposition and corrosion in the boiler. Our sales engineers will work with you to match your equipment with any Fulton steam boiler accessories you may need.

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