Learn More About The Weil-McLain 80 Series Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

Learn More About The Weil-McLain 80 Series Commercial Gas/Oil Boiler

Weil-McLain 80 Series

The Weil-McLain 80 Series commercial gas/oil boiler is a modern innovation with many of the state-of-the-art options installers have requested over the years. Featuring a durable heat exchanger forged from cast iron, the Weil-McLain 80 Series offers an expansive heating spectrum ranging from 346 up to 1674 MBH. This cutting-edge boiler is designed to provide you with optimum flexibility and is bolstered by features, such as:

  • Weil-McLain captured seal design
  • Ability to achieve up to 83.2% thermal efficiency
  • For Light Oil, Gas and Dual Fuel Combustion
  • Jacket side panels easily lift off for hassle-free installation - no tools necessary
  • Available as packaged or knockdown, steam or water, and with or without a burner
  • Field convertible flue

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Wide Array of Weil-McLain 80 Series Burners

Burners for the Weil-McLain 80 commercial gas/oil boiler are engineered and designed to effectively match the firing characteristics of the boiler. Many of the major brands of advance-design burners are available for firing combustion gas-light oil, gas, or light oil, including:

  • Power Flame
  • Webster
  • Beckett
  • Carlin
  • Riello
  • Gordon-Piatt

All burners for the 80 Series are the flame-retention type. This ensures optimum control over the fuel and air mixture for maximum efficiency and outstanding operating performance.

Several Tankless Heaters

Tankless heaters (Number 78-24) feature an uninterrupted, continuous draw rating of 6.5 GPM per heater. Users can implement tankless heater sections instead of intermediate sections up to a maximum of four tankless heaters, which depends on the size of the boiler.

Multiple heaters are an additional feature of the flexibility of the Weil-McLain 80 Series, which allows:

  • The use of tankless heaters for melting snow.
  • The ability to provide several domestic water supply temperatures.
  • The benefits from increased domestic water capacity.

Innovative Easy-Access Jacket to Remove Panels

The Weil-McLain 80 Series boiler represents the equipment of the future. It was designed for easy inspection and simple cleaning. To inspect the boiler, simply remove the easy-access jacket side panel without the use of any tools.

To clean the boiler, simply lift off the left side jacket panel and remove the cleanout plates. You can then replace the jacket panel and plates and continue down the boiler. The Model 80's unique jacket facilitates simplified maintenance and more:

  • The jacket provides an elegant, finished look to the corners.
  • By never being wider than 24 inches, the side panels are extremely easy to handle.
  • The jacket top panels effortlessly drop into place and are secured in place by adjacent panels and support rails.
  • Without any screws, the jacket side panels simply slide into the lower support channel and upper support rail.
  • Jacket assembly only requires 16 screws for the larger models and 10 for smaller models.
  • The support brackets for the jacket slide onto section tie rods and secure with ⅝" nuts.

Weil-McLain Hydro-Wall Design

The Weil-McLain 80 Series boiler includes a hydro-wall design, which has a water-backed combustion. This allows water to circulate completely around the firebox. The sidewalls, crown sheet, and heat pins on the flue passages enlarge the prime heating surface for maximized operating efficiency.
Additionally, the Hydro-Wall design:

  • Reduces heat loss through the bottom of the boiler
  • Permits lower height
  • Allows installation on any floor

Instead of the cast iron sections being face-ground, the durable outer skin is retained to help prevent boiler corrosion. It includes a sealing rope between sections to assure the required gas-tight seal for forced draft firing.

Standard Rear Flue or Optional Top Flue

When you choose the Model 80 boilers, you can choose between a standard rear flue or an optional top flue. With either option, the flue is engineered with heavy-gauge galvanized steel to ensure a long and reliable life.

Facility owners looking to save valuable floor space will find exceptional value in the top flue option. In addition, the flexible design of the Model 80 series boiler facilitates simple field conversion of the flue location through the use of a flue conversion kit.

W-M Captured Seal

Sections of your boiler need room to move as they heat and cool. The Weil-McLain 80 Series features modern elastomer seals that provide ultimate space for the cast iron to flex, which is completely different from stiff metal push nipples commonly seen on other models.

This flexibility prevents leaks caused by contraction and expansion. The precision-machined port grooves hold the grooves in place and protect them from water contaminants.

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