Weil-McLain SVF:

The First Condensing BoilerDesigned for Simple Servicing in Schools

Made by Weil-McLain

The SVF condensing boiler is made by Weil-McLain; the same trusted company known for its quality cast iron boiler offerings.

Low-Cost Unit That Provides Superior Efficiency

The cost of the SVF is low, yet it delivers unparalleled efficiency to your buildings.

Designed for simplified servicing

The SVF saves you time and headaches. Its simplified design makes for simplified servicing.


Simple Installation & Operation

This boiler is simple to install & operate – It was designed with serviceability in mind. Its design enables users to easily clean the inside of the unit, and gives full access to the burner. This makes changing out parts a breeze and saves contractors a lot of time. Most other boilers are not designed with as many clear access points to critical interior components.

SVF - Simple Installation & Operation


Easy Access to the Burner & Tube Sheet

The top cover plate hinges open and closed which provides easy access to the boilers burner and tube sheet inside.

SVF - Easy Access to the Burner & Tube Sheet


Unobstructed Access to the Inside Components

The removable jacket/panels give you additional unobstructed access to the inside components.

SVF - Unobstructed Access to the Inside Components


We Will Support You.

You will never be left in the dark with unanswered questions. Upon installation and start up, we at ATI of NY will provide a full hands-on training with all maintenance personnel. We’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of the functions you need to perform, to maintain your SVF with confidence.

Weil-McLain SVF Support


Weil-McLain Is a Trusted Name in the Industry

Choosing Weil-McLain is an easy decision since they're known for product reliability, longevity and performance. We at ATI of NY further extend the positive user experience by supporting you long after the sale takes place. Our staff is always available for product support. Additionally, our service team is knowledgeable and available to perform a variety boiler room services throughout the year to help keep schools up and running.



The SVF Delivers It All: Ease of Use, Simplicity, Time & Money Savings, and Efficiency

All in all, you get the full package with the SVF boiler. You can count on Weil-McLain for an exceptional product that was created to be contractor friendly. You can count on us at ATI of NY to ensure a smooth process from start to finish, including the education you need to independently and confidently manage your new boiler system.

Weil-McLain SVF Boiler Features & Benefits

Learn How Your School District Can Benefit from the SVF

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