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As a full-service firm, Applied Technologies of New York delivers superior combustion solutions. We offer decades of industry experience paired with the best-in-class products from the world's top manufacturers. Over our tenure, we have gained a wide range of situational experience across various industries, including:

In order to achieve operational excellence, we partner with contractors to support the boiler installation from conception to completion. We use our expert product knowledge and expansive product offering to guide the installation and commissioning to unheralded success.

Bridging the Gap from Engineers to Contractors

We have learned the most successful projects are the result of communication and teamwork. Our experts are trained to support contractors by providing sustained product and technical support. We work with contractors and engineers to ensure the equipment is installed and properly functioning based on the budget and time restrictions of the project.

During this process, we take an active role in discovering and rectifying all inefficiencies that may have been overlooked during any phase of the project. Our attention to detail is your business advantage.

Our professionals have received world-class training and have achieved expert status in combustion and boiler room product technologies. We are the preferred manufacturer's representative for the leading boiler producers in the world. Our certified technicians are highly trained and skilled in all matters concerning the products we represent. Regardless of the application, we always deliver the value-added service that you demand.

Why Do We Partner with Contractors?

At ATI, we partner with contractors to provide the owner with a reliable turn-key solution that goes beyond supplying equipment only. We strive to achieve the highest possible level of service and product performance. Our commissioning engineers work together with contractors to deliver fluidity and continuity throughout all stages of the project.

Our partnership with contractors has proven to be vital to our success. The contractor needs to know the manufacture is standing behind them to insure the installation goes seamlessly. Our manufacturers demand that we provide this important service.

Our contractors can rest assured that we are available to provide technical support, start up and commissioning to guarantee a successful project on time and within budget. We understand that you don’t get paid until the project is completely signed and we consider it as the most important phase of the project. You can count on ATI to be your partner to get the job completed on time.

Expansive Product Offering

We offer cutting-edge steam and hot water boilers for commercial heating and industrial applications. At Applied Technologies of New York, we are exceptionally selective with the quality and number of brands we represent. This meticulous selectiveness allows us to ensure the highest level of product quality.

It also drives our factory trained technicians and sales engineers to dedicate the effort and time the application deserves. When we partner with contractors on a boiler installation, we use our expert product knowledge to assist in every phase of the project.

Expert Product Support and Continued Service

Our job doesn't end once the boiler is installed and commissioned. We continue to deliver value-added services to contractors through training and extended product support. Our professional team offers a variety of unique training sessions to ensure the equipment is operating at the highest capacity and efficiency.

At Applied Technologies of New York, service support is the very lifeblood of our success. Our sales engineers and factory trained technicians bring an unprecedented number of years industry experience. Throughout our tenure, we have continually delivered sustainable and efficient solutions to the community.

By providing an exceptionally high level of product support, ATI has enjoyed a tremendous level of loyalty from our customer base. Our customers understand we are available when they need us the most. Our decades of experience provide customers with a level of expertise that we take pride in.

Contact Applied Technologies of New York

Regardless of the application or industry, ATI of New York provides superior products and product support to contractors. Our projects include several facilities throughout the Five Boroughs, Lower Hudson Valley, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Northern New Jersey, and the rest of the United States. In addition to partnering with contractors, we work closely with all involved parties, including:

Our goal is to bridge the gap between all related partners. We achieve this goal by bringing an inordinate amount of product expertise, industry knowledge, product support, and several other facets. Most importantly, Applied Technologies of New York represents the best of the best in the world of combustion and boiler room related products.

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