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End Users

As a full-service manufacturer's representative company, Applied Technologies of New York is on the forefront of developing innovative and customized boiler room solutions.

We offer decades of experience in the industry coupled with best-in-class manufacturers. We pride ourselves in offering a vast array of boiler room and combustion related equipment suitable for an expansive list of applications. We partner with engineers, contractors, distributors, manufacturers, property & facility managers, and end users to ensure the highest possible level of performance and service.

While we specialize in product offerings and expert commissioning, we work closely with end users for extended product support. After the installation and commissioning of your boiler room, it's imperative for you to have an understanding of the equipment. Applied Technologies of New York helps end users achieve this understanding for the highest level of satisfaction.

Ultra-Modern Product Offering & Sales

At Applied Technologies of New York, we are exceptionally selective when it comes to choosing the manufacturers we represent. Simply put, we require the highest standards of excellence. These standards include enhanced performance, advanced efficiency, and state-of-the-art safety measures.

Instead of representing all manufacturers, we choose to represent a select number of the best. This practice enables us to become true product experts for the technologies we provide. Our sales team and technicians receive in depth training directly from the manufacturer. We use this information to properly educate the end users on a variety of topics.

Most importantly, we choose to specialize and offer our expertise to specific industries. Instead of suggesting a one-size-fits-all boiler room solution, we implement consultative methods to employ solutions that allow us to understand your unique requirements. We couple your needs with our decades of experience to customize a combustion solution for industries including but not limited to:

Application and Industry-Specific End User Training

One of the key areas we evaluate when choosing to represent a manufacturer is the propensity of their training program. Our sales team and technicians regularly host customer trips to the manufacturer's facilities for informative visits as well as certification training.

We pass this expert knowledge onto you through intuitive onsite training sessions. Our hands-on training sessions can include anything from new product introduction to steam and hydronic systems. Each session is formatted to your distinct application requirements. We carefully craft our training modules to ensure the highest possible level of satisfaction and safety. Some of the most common safety-related facets discussed are:

  • Industry basics and equipment instructions
  • Details of the services provided and expected in annual maintenance
  • Combustion Basics
  • Advanced Combustion
  • Best practices of venting/air ducting, and electrical connections
  • How to use strategy-based approach for diagnostic troubleshooting
  • Boiler Operation & Maintenance

World-Class Product Support and Service for End Users

As a full service firm, our job doesn't end once the boiler is installed and commissioned. At Applied Technologies of New York, service is the lifeblood of our organization and ensures our products serve you for many reliable years.

We offer a superior product portfolio. We strive to properly assess your needs and educating you on the most viable solutions and options. We are a dedicated group of highly experienced professionals with an undeniable focus on delivering a world-class customer experience.

We place an unparalleled level of focus on hiring the best industry professionals. Our front line customer service professionals are seasoned experts and must demonstrate an adequate level of technical ability before we make them available to you. Our skilled sales engineers and factory trained technicians are at the ready to be your preferred combustion experts.

Contact Applied Technologies of New York

As boiler and combustion technology continues to evolve at light speed, Applied Technologies of New York is on the forefront of change. Throughout our tenure, we have always demonstrated a hyper focus on performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Regardless of your industry or application needs, our experts will partner with all relevant parties to craft the most viable solution.

We are the full-service combustion and boiler room manufacturers representative for the leading boiler producers in the world. Our customized heating solutions are carefully crafted for a wide array of industries in Nassau County, Suffolk County, the Five Boroughs in New York, Lower Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey, and several other areas in the United States. In addition to providing the best equipment in the world, we will guide you through the process and continue to deliver expert product support.

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